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Digital Twin Technology: What It Is and Why It Matters

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While it’s not an entirely new concept, the term “digital twin” has grown in popularity across multiple industries over the past few years. It’s recently gained traction due to the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The breadth of its applications across multiple industries makes it important to understand why this technology will become a new standard in our ever-evolving society.

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twins are real-time virtual models, displaying a representation of a physical object or process. A replica can be anything from a house, car, office building, or even an entire city.

Once created, these virtual copies connect to their real-world counterparts via sensors. The data collected from the sensors is mapped onto the digital twin, allowing for those observing to be able to monitor how the physical asset is responding in the real world. 

In some advanced cases, digital twin technology can also use the data collected from its physical self to predict outcomes of various situations through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

How is Digital Twin Technology Used?

Because digital twin technology can replicate a wide range of products, processes, and services, it can be seen used in various industries. Some of the most prominent uses include:

  • Real Estate: Digital twins are used to produce accurate floor plans and layouts of homes, complete with building specifications like the number of rooms or window sizes.
  • Automotive: Automotive Engineers have seen success with digital twin technology when in the early stages of production, as they can construct a digital twin of a real car before it’s even manufactured. 
  • Healthcare: Digital twins of patients can be produced and used in conjunction with sensors to predict their well-being. 

Using digital twins may not be suitable for every project, service, or product. Most often, digital twins are used for large-scale physical projects such as housing communities or large buildings, complex projects, power equipment, and manufacturing.

Why are Digital Twins Important?

The use of digital twin technology is quickly revolutionizing the way industries develop their products and services. Exact replicas can be produced for commercial properties and housing communities. Information held within digital twins allow homeowners and building managers to easily maintain their properties through complete floor plan overviews, digitized documentation, issue and maintenance history. Interior temperature, water pressure and electricity usage can all be managed and monitored through the digital twin’s real-time data. This makes identifying potential issues, such as a leaky pipe, simple and intuitive.

The Future of Digital Twin Technology

Digital twin technology is rapidly changing the way industries evolve. In spite of its complexity, this technology has started to expand beyond its conceptual limitations and is even becoming accessible to the average person through the development of mobile apps, such as – an application designed using digital twin technology to create a 3D replica of a person’s physical home, enabling them to manage smart devices and troubleshoot repairs.

With the increased demand for a technology of this caliber, digital twins are paving the way for an ever-expanding digital landscape. 

About d3 creative studio

d3 creative studio specializes in creating virtual reality, real-time 3D visualization & interactive solutions for the architecture and real estate development industries.

Our goal is to make every project we complete a new centerpiece for our portfolio; showcasing your project and our skills as a 3D studio.

Not in architecture? We create solutions far beyond home building. Let us take your next project to new heights. Contact us today to learn more. 

Tech Tuesday: The opportunity to modernize real estate

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It?s Tech Tuesday ? our weekly dose of tech innovations that are rapidly changing the real estate industry and beyond.

Article: Modernizing Real Estate: The Property Tech Opportunity

Author: Louisa Xu

The opportunity to modernize real estate –

Tech-enabled solutions could be the answer to solve the many pain points of real estate. Currently, there are many inefficient processes in real estate, which open the door for new entrepreneurs to tackle. Are you interested in learning what some of those pain points are?

You can check out the full article, here.

As mentioned, tech innovation will continue to shape the future of the real estate industry. It’s just a matter of time before we start to see drastic changes.

d3 Will Have a Presence in Tech-Driven Town, Babcock Ranch

By Press Releases

d3 will now have a presence at America’s first solar-powered town, Babcock Ranch. The 3D Rendering and Architectural Visualization Company was fueled by Babcock’s contagious energy and acceptance of tech innovation.

The tech-driven town attracted the owner/principal, Anthony DeBono and his family, stating; “I chose the city as the place to work and live. The truth is, we caught the beginning of a wave, pretty soon other tech-focused firms and families will be moving in.?

Babcock Ranch is a forward-thinking community and invites everybody from individuals, couples, and families to live responsibly and sustainably, paving the way for other towns to do the same. These values remain a top priority for the d3 creative studio team. Not to mention, it has a high-tech infrastructure that offers its residents and companies fiber optic internet and high bandwidth – ensuring that d3 can connect with its employees across multiple locations for real time collaboration. 

Having a presence at Babcock Ranch is an important milestone in d3’s story, as it symbolizes their ethos, innovation, and future. They will always be on the look-out for new technologies, that will inevitably become the future that we live in.

By combining their 3D visualization services, with a town that signifies the future of suburban living, d3 proves time and time again that they are always one step ahead of the game.

d3 is also connected to the town in a way that many other creative studios can’t experience. They helped bring Babcock Ranch to life with their renderings and animations; highlighting their innovation, and eagerness to reform the community that we live in.

You can now schedule appointments with the d3 team at The Hatchery at Babcock Ranch.

About d3 ? the d3 creative studio was founded in 2013 by Anthony DeBono. The Fort Myers 3D firm specializes in creating impactful marketing solutions for those in architecture, real estate development, and beyond. They offer 3D interactive solutions, that will help bring any real estate project to life. Contact d3 to learn more about their services at or 844.542.7328.

d3 Expands to Fast Growing Tampa Market

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Fort Myers, Florida – February 28, 2019

d3 creative studio, a 3D Rendering and Architectural Visualization Company has announced plans to expand its footprint to the Tampa Bay Metropolitan market and offer their one of a kind, compelling visualizations and interactive experiences to builders and real estate developers in the area.

d3’s Director of Technical Operations, Darren Molony, will spearhead operations in the Tampa and Orlando markets. Darren comes from a technical background and has helped transition d3 into the firm it is today. He will continue to oversee the technical department at d3 and will help cultivate new business within these markets.

“It’s important for d3 to have someone that understands the technical aspects of the business, as well as the steadfast real estate market here in Tampa, says Darren.

Anthony DeBono, CEO of d3 creative studio, believes Tampa Bay is an ideal location for expansion. “Tampa has a dynamic real estate market which makes it attractive for companies like ours. New construction is booming in the Tampa Bay Region and we believe our product will only enhance that growth,” stated Anthony DeBono.

You can now schedule appointments with Darren Molony and Anthony DeBono at Armature Works in Tampa, Florida.

About d3 – d3 creative studio was founded in 2013 by Anthony DeBono. The Fort Myers 3D firm specializes in creating virtual reality, real-time 3D visualization & interactive solutions for the architecture and real estate development industries. Contact d3 to learn more about their services at or 844.542.7328.


A Year in Review – d3 creative studio Fort Myers, Florida

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And, just like that 2018 is over.

We celebrate another year ending and a new one beginning. It’s exciting to see what the new year has in store for d3 creative studio. This past year ended on a high note for our team. We worked with some pretty reputable developers?and landed a new client in the leisure and entertainment industry.

To recap this past year, here are a few of our favorite projects from 2018 (in no particular order):

1. MAX Daytona: Daytona Beach, Florida

Max Daytona in Daytona Beach, Florida

Max Daytona in Daytona Beach, Florida is a 72-unit high rise that’s offering a different take on luxury beachfront living. Max Daytona is one of the newest condo developments on the beach that is expected to break ground this year.

d3 creative studio was hired to create a custom branded interactive iPad application. Features of the app include a complete exterior augmented reality model of the proposed tower and a 360 walk-through of all interior units.? Users can freely move through each unit type and see exact views, captured by raw drone footage.

Animation: Click here!

Website: Click here!

2. SoCe Flats: Olde Naples, Florida

SoCe Flats in Naples, Florida

SoCe Flats (South of Central) is a mixed-use project in Downtown Olde Naples.?The site is super modern, amenity-driven, and walkable -?walking distance to downtown shopping, dining, and beaches.?Construction is expected to start this year and conclude in 2020.

d3 creative studio was contracted to create a custom-branded interactive sales center app to help with pre-construction sales. The team wanted to give prospective buyers a unique and realistic experience which would allow them to walk through two unit types and hand-select custom curated materials and finishes.

Website: Click here!

Video: SoCe-Video

3.?Prima Luce: Downtown Fort Myers, Florida

Prima Luce Fort Myers, Florida

Prima Luce on the waterfront is one of the newest communities in Downtown Fort Myers. The two-tower condominium sits on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River and is within walking distance to the downtown district.

Prima Luce was another successful project in 2018! We created an interactive sales center application that is compatible with the iPad Pro. Through the application, potential buyers can explore and customize many of the finishes, fixtures, and flooring of each residence. The application gives people the “full experience” of the Prima Luce towers.

Website: Click here!

App Preview: Click here!

4. Galaxy Multi-Rides


Galaxy Multi-Rides

Did you know, d3 actually works on projects far beyond the construction industry? Galaxy Multi-Rides is a prime example of a project that is far beyond the construction industry. Galaxy Multi-Rides falls into the leisure industry, as they manufacture multi-ride inflatables and systems.

d3 creative studio in Fort Myers was contracted to create a standalone configurator application to help streamline Galaxy’s sales process. The application essentially creates life-like 3D still image renders of custom inflatable parks with only a few simple clicks. What once took a few weeks, now takes less than 15 minutes because of the new install.?We also equipped the Galaxy team with a virtual reality experience, where they could show potential prospects a complete inflatable park in VR (immersion = conversion).

Website: Click here!

Virtual Reality Experience: Click here!

5. World Equestrian Center, Ocala

The World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida was one of the top projects we worked on in 2018.?The mega-equestrian facility will feature a 260-room hotel, climate-controlled indoor arenas, a state-of-the-art outdoor stadium, and commercial/retail space. The World Equestrian Center in Ocala is planned to open in 2021.

The project was to create multiple 3D animated visualization videos and photo-realistic still image renderings of the development.?The goal was to bring the WEC project to life, well before construction even began. Check out the WEC animation below, and let us know if we delivered.

Website: Click here!

Animation: Click here!

d3 Creative Studio Welcomes New Business Development Associate

By Press Releases

Fort Myers, Florida ? d3 Creative Studio, an award-winning architectural visualization and interactive 3D firm located in Downtown Fort Myers just added a new member to their growing team. Jennifer Coomer will serve as the New Business Development Associate.

Jennifer earned her bachelor?s degree in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University and brings years of experience to the position. In her new role, she will be responsible for generating new client relationships and will play a key role in growing the business.

?We?re excited to bring Jennifer on board to spearhead our Sales and Business Development department. We?ve been looking for an energetic, outgoing and passionate individual to take ownership of the sales and marketing functions of the business. It?s a huge relief to have found someone that meets our qualifications?, said Anthony DeBono, owner, and principal, of d3 Creative Studio.

The new hire indicates continued growth for the local Southwest Florida 3D interactive firm. ?We are in a good situation to expand and grow, local businesses are quickly adapting to the latest tech trends and using 3D software to transform the way they do business,? DeBono said.

About d3 ? d3 Creative Studio was founded in 2013 by Anthony DeBono. The Fort Myers 3D firm specializes in developing one of a kind, compelling visualizations and interactive experiences for those in architecture, real estate development, and other industries. Contact d3 to learn more about their services at or 844.542.7328.