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The Future of AI and Art

D3 Creative Studio

Previously thought of as simply simulating the processes of human intelligence through machine learning, artificial intelligence is now shifting into something that is innately human – art. We’re currently witnessing the birth of a new artistic medium as AI works to reshape the future of art and creative industries.

AI-Generated Art

Scrolling through social media within the past several months, it’s likely you’ve noticed the mass influx of AI-generated portraits flooding your feed. These portraits are photographs generated through artificial intelligence software and third-party apps. Though they seem to have been created by artists, the fact is that these apps use databases filled with existing images to generate new portraits based on written keywords and prompts.

These apps and software can create AI-generated art in just a few seconds and because of it, have made a huge impact on how art is and will be made in the future.

Art is ever-evolving and with it being subjective, many have their own definitions of what it is. The boundaries of art continue to be pushed as we further advance, but many believe AI is blurring the lines of ownership of art. For as long as we’ve known, art has been the true, authentic expression of human creativity and as we progress through time, technological advances have yet to replicate the thoughts and emotions humans evoke while creating. 

How AI is Being Used in Other Industries

A growing number of industries are using artificial intelligence to advance such as healthcare, using it to assist in diagnosis and improving overall workflows, the automotive industry, which uses machine learning to create autopilot capabilities, and even finance, which creates bots for customer service and fraud detection. Due to its expansion across a wide range of industries, it’s no surprise it’s intersected with art and creative fields.

There may be a shift in the way certain creative jobs are performed and having the ability to generate art with the click of a button may be the choice for many.

AI as a Tool

A different perspective points out that some artists have already adopted the use of AI in their artwork. The evolution of AI in art has created what we thought would never be possible up until this point. With it, artists have learned new techniques and discovered new styles. As we advance, we find new ways for art to take shape and discover new tools to help us get there. Regardless of the form of art, we always use a tool – a camera to capture photographs, pens, pencils, or charcoal to draw, and even computer software to render and animate. Thinking of AI as a newer tool may allow artists to create completely different types of art that may not have been possible in the past. 

Artists may find AI useful for visualizing how they want something to look when bringing their ideas or concepts to life. Using prompts and keywords can spark inspiration and help brainstorm ideas.

The Future of Art

If you are upfront about your use of AI and your approach to using it in your art, you can prevent confusion about ownership, what is real, and what is generated with AI. Because the truth is that AI within the art industry can be harmful to artists. It takes away the recognition from their art as well as future opportunities, as people have the mindset of “Well I can make the same thing through an AI generator.” With this as a potential scenario, we could see a future where artists stop creating all together. And at that point, since AI simply simulates human processes and thus, cannot work without some sort of data plugged in, we could see the future of AI quickly becoming a thing of the past. To ensure credit is given when it’s due, trust must be built and transparency must be maintained.

Is AI the future when it comes to creating new art experiences?

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