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Virtual Reality

Tech Tuesday: Zillow?s 3D Home Tours

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It?s Tech Tuesday ? our weekly dose of tech innovations that are rapidly changing the real estate industry and beyond.

Article: Zillow uses VR to try to make online real estate more authentic


A major player in the real estate market, Zillow, is now offering 3D immersive property tours. The new feature is available through the app and the website and gives shoppers a clearer understanding of a home’s features and layout.

Read the full article, here!

How Virtual Reality is Being Used in Museums and Science Centers.

The Virtual Reality Experience at IMAG

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Does traveling back in time and visiting an old Florida fort sound intriguing?

One year ago we installed a virtual reality experience at IMAG History & Science Center (formerly the Imaginarium Science Center) in Downtown Fort Myers.?Utilizing the latest in VR technology, we created a virtual world where visitors could learn more about the story of Fort Myers.?Visitors can strap on an Oculus Rift headset and travel back in time and visit the U.S. Army fort that gave the City of Fort Myers its name. The exhibit lets visitors move around the old fort and its various buildings. You can even touch things and interact with the virtual world.

Fast-forward to one year later. We followed up with IMAG to learn more about the VR installation, specifically any challenges that they’ve encountered and any feedback that they’ve had in the past year.?Check out the Q&A with Matthew Johnson below:

Q&A with Matthew Johnson – Executive Director at IMAG

On average, how many users actively engage with the virtual reality experience per day at IMAG?

We open the experience for 15 minutes every hour.? The average would be 15/hour or 90/day.? During our busy periods we regularly extend the time to 30min./hr. so would have twice the users.

Do you have people that travel to IMAG just for the VR experience?

I do not have data to support a yes answer.? But the VR has been the feature of the majority of our advertising since we open it, so I would assume that it plays a large role in the decision to visit.

Have you received any feedback and/or challenges with the VR experience? If so, can you share that with us?

The feedback has been very positive.? We have seen that age is not a determining factor on how the experience is rated.? Children, adults, and seniors have all given generally positive feedback.? Our challenges have all been related to the technology and the inevitable bugs that turn up.? Glitches, freeze-ups, equipment malfunctions are common but are generally fixed with a system reset.? We had issue with sound due to the quality of the Oculus headset speakers but corrected it with an external speaker system.? We have replaced some equipment due to malfunction or damage, but to be honest it has happened less than we anticipated.

Would you say the VR experience has been a great addition to IMAG and has there been a return on investment?

Absolutely, the VR experience is a featured exhibit at IMAG and is one of our top performing experiences.? I do not have data specifically on ROI ? we do not charge extra ? but can say that it has been a contributing factor to attendance and revenue increases we have realized over the last year.

In your own words, how has VR transformed the IMAG experience?

The VR experience at IMAG has enabled us to further our mission of combining STEM and history education in a uniquely direct way.? It has allowed us to engage a younger audience in learning the SWFL story while introducing a new learning experience to older generations.

The Future of VR in Museums & Science Centers

More and more museums are incorporating virtual reality technology into some of their interactive exhibits to promote and encourage engagement.?This use of VR is also a prime example of how using the latest technology can keep museums and science centers fresh and relevant. As you can see in the Q&A above, this specific installation has been a success and has contributed to attendance and revenue increases over the last year.

If you are interested in seeing the VR exhibit or learning more about IMAG, you can visit them online here.

What is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

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Do you know the definition of augmented reality and virtual reality?

My background is in the tech industry, but before joining d3 creative, I had no idea what augmented reality and virtual reality really was. I had a slight idea but could never really talk about it in detail (if I was ever asked to do so). I was fully aware that joining d3 creative was going to be a complete learning curve. It was important for me to adapt to this new technology and to fully understand how businesses can utilize and benefit from this type of technology in order to sell our services.

Well, I was finally asked to explain the difference between AR and VR (which made for a good blog post). I know I?m not the only one that gets confused with the two, so hopefully, this blog post will help clear the air and shed some light on AR and VR for those that are still left in the dark.

What is Augmented Reality?

Here is the definition of Augmented Reality straight from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:?

Sometimes it?s easier to show an example of something versus explain it. Take the augmented reality example that I posted below, this is a postcard of a photorealistic architectural rendering of a mixed-use building in Downtown Fort Myers. The marketing material (postcard) physically exists, you can pick it up, touch it, and flip it around in your hand. With a smartphone or tablet, you are able to open an AR application that will overlay digital information or an object on top of your real-world view. The 3D image you are seeing is the added layer of digital content.?How cool is the moving car?

If you are still confused, the most popular AR application is?Pok?mon Go. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know what?Pok?mon Go is.?When Pok?mon Go first came out, there were literally dozens of people walking around town (glued to their devices) locating, catching, and battling virtual characters, which appeared on top of the users’ real-world location.

Here is an augmented reality example –


What is Virtual Reality?

Here is the definition of Virtual Reality straight from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Think of virtual reality as a fully artificial environment. Virtual reality technology fully immerses users into a virtual environment and is typically achieved by wearing a VR headset, glasses, or goggles. The point of VR is to give users an experience they wouldn?t typically have in the real world. For example, we worked with IMAG in Downtown Fort Myers to recreate “The Fort circa 1856” – all virtually. Users can travel back in time to learn more about the life of a soldier in the year 1856 and the experience leaves users believing they were really there.

Here is a virtual reality example -?

Augmented & Virtual Reality Solutions

Augmented reality and virtual reality have allowed us to create new, meaningful, and interactive experiences for our clients.

If you still have questions about VR or AR and how it can help your business, contact us today.