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Southwest Florida’s First Immersive Cancer Treatment Room

By December 6, 2021No Comments

With Southwest Florida’s population – including children – on the rise, there is a growing need for more healthcare services. Unfortunately, one of those services is additional capacity to treat serious diseases like cancer. No one like to think of a child suffering through infusion treatments, but doctors may have come across a way to make them a little easier – by immersing patients in virtual reality environments, or setting them up to play games or interact with friends. In fact, virtual reality has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety by up to 52% when used during medical procedures.

We’re excited to partner with Golisano Children’s Hospital to bring this cutting-edge treatment option to its North Naples center. While immersive rooms have been built in hospitals in both California and Florida, Golisano’s room will be different in that it provides a total immersion experience with images projected seamlessly on every surface. Patients can be virtually transported to the beach, under the sea or to a galaxy far, far away. Or, they can play video games or chat with friends – whatever suits their mood.

Golisano’s immersive room is under construction now.

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