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Anthony DeBono III

5 questions with Anthony

Anthony DeBono III

What is your favorite project?

Really? That’s like asking, which is you’re favorite kid. For the record, I love all of our real estate development projects and helping to bring those projects to life. But I must say, the immersive treatment room for Golisano Children’s Hospital and virtual reality exhibit we recently created for Fort Myers’ IMAG History & Science Center are right at the top. They are the type of interactive experiences and digital environments I originally fell in love with as a kid and that got me heading down the path I’m on now.

What inspires you?

Where do I start. I would say great design is right there at the top. Whether its architecture, a video game, a ride or the user interface of an app. I can appreciate the tremendous effort and thought put into these things, as simple as they may appear on the surface.

What surprising skill do you have?

After a long held childhood dream, I learned to fly and got my private pilots license in 2012.

What else do you do in your spare time?

I am always looking for new immersion techniques and ways to push boundaries, whether it’s through motion simulation and immersion, the latest/greatest human eye resolution VR headsets, or trying to recreate something I saw at Epcot…I eat, sleep and breath this stuff.

Will we see you at The International or Fortnite World Cup anytime soon?

HA! From a young age I quickly realized that I’m mediocre at best at playing video games…but… I’ve always had a curiosity for what goes into creating digital environments. I was the kid exploring the map and going off course to hunt for Easter eggs.