Ready to meet in VR?

Step One

Locate the browser in your VR headset.

Step Two

Type in provided VR meeting link in address bar.

Allow permissions if prompted.

Step Three

Rename your avatar and then click set. Click “X” in upper right corner to close sidebar.

Step Four

Click “Connect”

Step Five

Click the “VR” button in the bottom right corner.

Allow permissions if prompted.

Step Six

Click the menu button to access additional features like the laser pointer and microphone access.

Use the left joystick to move around the room. Your head position will determine the direction you move in.


What if I don't have a VR headset?

No problem! You can still access and participate in the meeting using a phone, tablet or desktop. Just click the link provided in your browser and and follow the instructions above.

I'm getting some audio reverb?

Ugh, this is the worst! Please make sure you only have one instance of the meeting launched. Please do not have multiple devices running the same link in the same room or near the devices’ speakers.

How do I move around the room?

In VR, use the left joystick to move forward, backwards, left and right. Your head rotation will determine your path of travel.

Do I need to create a FrameVR account?

No, this is not necessary to participate. However, if you do like the FrameVR platform we encourage you to signup and support the amazing team making this happen.

What if my headset is not charged?

For real? You knew we were having this meeting and you forgot to charge it? Please collect your belongings and escort yourself out of the building.


Just kidding, we still love you. If this is the case you can still participate using any other device, just follow the instructions above.

Got questions or need help?