Case Study Overview




History & Science Center


Virtual Reality Walk-Through

IMAG engages guests in the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through hands-on exhibit experiences and educational programs that further the understanding of the natural and human-made world, foster an appreciation for Southwest Florida’s unique environment, and nurture intellectual curiosity, discovery, and innovation.

Their Challenges

To turn IMAG into a high-end destination that will attract people from as far away as Naples, Port Charlotte and beyond. Formerly known as The Imaginarium, the science center recently merged with the SWFL History Museum and are now occupying one facility. A major challenge was to convey the story of Fort Myers through two different viewpoints: Science and history while appealing to visitors of all ages.


    Our Solutions

    By creating multiple interactive 3D experiences and developing The IMAG app, IMAG can integrate The History Museum’s exhibits with the Imaginarium’s science exhibits for an optimized experience.

    IMAG’s new Dino Dig Experience, powered by d3, uses augmented reality which allows the center’s guests to look at a fossilized megalodon jawbone, the skull of the T-Rex and Mammoth through their smartphone or tablet bringing the fossils to life. The guests are now able to get a peek at what these ancient creatures looked like millions of years ago.

    With the creation of “Virtual Fort Myers”, a complete virtual replica of the Fort circa 1856, visitors can travel back in time and visit the army fort that gave the city its name. This self-guided and narrated tour takes visitors through various spots in the Fort allowing them to learn more about the life of a solider during this time. Using hand tracking technology the visitors can even touch things and interact with the virtual world.

    The IMAG app is the best way to enhance your visit to IMAG History & Science Center. This interactive app, developed by d3, allows guests to discover dinosaurs and bring them to life, dive to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to explore the USS Mohawk Memorial Reef and take a bird’s eye look at Fort Myers. This feature acts as your personal guide, helping you move through the history and science center at your own pace. Quickly locate exhibits, theater, restrooms, showtimes, and more.